At TechnoTruth we use multidisciplinary science-based expertise to help clients navigate the modern world.

Our team of psychologists, geneticists, lawyers and other experts provide science-based bespoke support aimed toward both individuals and organisations. We offer a portfolio of services (consultation, courses, training, research) in 3 domains:

– Genetics, Genomics and Society
– Education and Life Design
– Wellbeing, Relationships, Communication


Our Expertise

We founded TechnoTruth so that we can take our knowledge and expertise beyond university settings – to help corporations and individuals thrive and achieve their goals.

We have authored over 500 peer-reviewed journal publications, books and book chapters; won a range of awards; and led numerous large-scale projects.

We have advised and trained hundreds of clients, including business leaders, politicians, civil servants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, and students; as well as a wide range of businesses and organisations, universities, & embassies.


TechnoTruth is a consultancy which brings together world-leading experts – academics, researcher and practitioners – to provide science-based personalised advice and training. We believe that psychological insights have the power to improve lives of individuals and organisations. We have years of experience in scientific research and practice dedicated to seeking insights into the factors contributing to human flourishing. We offer a sound, scientific-based alternative to the confusing array of choices, misinformation and disinformation found online and in popular culture. Our motivation derives from our appreciation of the scientific method and our love of what we do.

Businesses and individuals often get taken in by the charms of ‘snake oil businessmen’, who offer sham guidance that is unlikely to provide long-term and tangible solutions. Mass proliferation of misinformation in the popular culture offers simple stereotypic advice that often goes against scientific findings or even peddles dangerous falsehoods that may pose harms and risks. Such services become more prevalent in changing environments that result from cultural shifts and disruptions brought on by the pandemic. As people are clamouring for more meaningful life and a change in direction, they are susceptible to accepting quick but unreliable ‘solutions’.

We offer the science-based alternatives that help individuals and corporations navigate uncertainties and continuously adapt to the everchanging environment. Our world-leading experts combine their knowledge from various disciplines to enable individuals and organisations to understand the ins and outs of wellness and flourishing. Our services and training help our clients to acquire knowledge and skills that are needed for academic and professional success; continued self-exploration; personal growth and self-actualisation.

Extract the benefit of advances

We live in an era of tremendous scientific advances. The 21st century is the era of technology – genetic advances, artificial intelligence, cognitive enhancement, information and big data. People today can benefit from these advances, but technological progress can also be a burden. Technologies are developing so fast that they precede our ability to appreciate, evaluate and use them beneficially. And so, without help, technological advances can undermine our relationships, autonomy, wellbeing, and harmony. At TechnoTruth we help clients to flourish in the technological world.




Offering expert solutions . We offer expert advice and solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals in each of our service areas.



Unleash the potential of data to help your business flourish. We can analyze existing data, collect new data and offer expert reports and recommendations based on the data.


Helping you with specific issues. We offer a wide range of personalized support in each of our service areas, including education, psychology, and consumer genetics.



Gain new knowledge and skills. We offer personalized training opportunities from staff development and increasing wellbeing in the organization to improving leadership and management.



Helping individuals and businesses move to the next level. We provide personalized training and guidance on setting goals, exploring new directions in life, and progressing toward these goals.



Gain new skills and knowledge from experts. Achieve better well-being. Improve public speaking. Learn how to choose a university degree and more.


Genetics, Genomics and Society

Your genes are not your destiny. They are incredible sources of information. Without expert support genetic information can do harm and lead to bad decisions. With the right support it can empower and benefit our lives.​

Research and Product Evaluation

Data-driven decisions about, for example, staff training and support, restructuring and marketing of products – can make a real difference for progress.​


A skill we use the most – yet a rare commodity. Communication is essential across life contexts and industries. ​

Wellbeing and Meaning of Life

What does it take to thrive, achieve a more meaningful life, and improve health and well-being?


How can we improve our relationships, which hold key to better well-being, meaningful life, and successful career/organizations?​

Life Design

Like a beautiful garden, beautiful life requires planning and design. A knowledge-based design of your career and lifestyle will help you flourish and enjoy life.

Ethics Consulting

Mobilising ethics has long term advantages for businesses, institutions and individuals. Making ethics an integral part of every decision and communication.

Leadership and Organisational Health

As humans, we thrive when we have the right balance of autonomy and support. Enhancing effectiveness of leaders, via developing a range of abilities, skills and competencies, can make a real difference for businesses and institutions.​

Educational Consulting

Good education is key to a quality life for virtually all people. But a good educational plan and learning strategy can only be designed after you become well educated

people puzzle

Complex Legal Matters

Complex matters – Arbitrations, Negotiations, Medications – require balanced approaches, for example to be addressed from a legal, human behaviour and ethical perspective. ​

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Senior Partners

Dr Yulia Kovas

Professor of Genetics & Psychology

Holder of 5 degrees, researcher and writer who specializes in development, education, life-long learning, and ethics; recipient of prestigious international awards for contribution to science & education.

Dr Madoka Kumashiro

Personality & Social Psychologist

Holder of 4 degrees, researcher with international background & training, who specializes in how the interplay of self and relational processes affect motivation, personal growth and well-being.

Dr Fatos Selita

Barrister (England & Wales), Attorney (NY-USA).

Multi-disciplinary educated: Law, Psychology, Behavioural Genetics, Engineering and more. Consultant and lecturer in several universities internationally.

Expert consultants and tutors

We have an extended expert network which allow us to assemble relevant multidisciplinary expertise to address every need of our clients wherever they are in the word.



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First Contact

Complete the form on Contact page or email us with your enquiry.

Preliminary Assessment

We will discuss your needs and the type of services/solutions we can offer. We will suggest existing training courses or offer bespoke services.
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Discussion & Planning

For our bespoke services (consulting, training, coaching), we will work closely with you to discuss the kind of services/solution we can offer and draw up a contract.


We will deliver the agreed services/product, which may involve short or long consultation, training, coaching, evaluating products, producing reports, etc.


Depending on the kind of services offered, we will follow-up to discuss whether further steps are required and draw up new contract for services as desired