Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have:

  • it has the power to build and strengthen
  • companies, relationships, health, education, happiness.

Communication is essential across life contexts and industries. Everyone can learn powerful communication.


For you

If you want to enhance the power of your communication – you are in the right place. We can build your communication skills to any level, across skills and contexts, including:

  • Public Speaking, for any context, e.g. talks, diplomacy, teaching, politics.
  • Speech Writing, for any context.
  • Confidence in public speaking, on stage, in meetings etc.
  • Advocacy, courtroom and other contexts.

For organisations

If you would like to make use of the immense power of communication in your organisation, we can train your team/staff on any aspect of communication required for your business, including:

  • inter-staff verbal communication
  • inter-staff written/email communication
  • in-house vertical (downward and upward) communication and
  • external communications.

Check out your options for training with us, and why choosing us will make a difference for you…


It is always the right time to invest towards enhancing the power of communication.

Communication Training for Businesses and Organisations

Developing the communication skills of staff is perhaps the most effective method for improving wellness and productivity within a company or organisation. You can choose your training package, or we can design one to match the needs of your organisation. Regular training is also available.

Public speaking and Presenting

A speaker without good public speaking skills is like an athlete without muscles. We have a range of packages for building public speaking skills to any level – from skills needed for an effective talk, to advanced techniques for influencing decisions.

Speech writing /Content Creation

Good content and use of words are, almost always, prerequisites to effective communication in any context.

Confidence building

Confidence is an essential element of effective speaking/communicating. We can help with confidence across communication contexts, such as for: public speaking, business meetings, speaking in hierarchical contexts, stage activities, and for everyday life.

Medical professionals

Improved communication skills means better healthcare service (e.g. improved recovery outcomes) and improved patient- and professional satisfaction. The training covers words, delivery, and the building of authority – of impactful communication. Our tailored training can be booked for individuals and groups (max 8 per group).

Advocacy (courtroom and other)

Good advocacy skills are both a necessity and a luxury for advocates. The skill of advocating well are essential to a case or an argument in any other contexts, including in arbitration, parliament, board meeting and socially. Our training uses verified methods and insights from behavioural sciences and advocacy training.

Everyday communication

Good use of words at home, socially and other contexts can make a real difference for relationships and enjoying time with other people. Good relationships at home, with friends at at work, can also mean better productivity and overall health in general.

To book or find out more, please get in touch. To book a course, please visit our courses page.


The multi-disciplinary expertise and experience of our communication (public speaking, speech writing etc) coaches, means we can effectively address all your communication needs: building confidence and combatting speaking anxiety; creating impactful and memorable content; skilful presenting and advocating in different contexts; and performing in professional, social and other settings. Our communication training and coaching are:


All our training and advice are science-based – an essential feature for fast and reliable progress (progress in the right direction, considering much training includes harmful advice).


Our lead communication specialists have multidisciplinary expertise, which is needed for effective training and coaching in communication.
Enhanced with experience across industries and contexts
We have trained professionals from different industries, including Business and Finance, Healthcare, Diplomacy, Politics, Law, Marketing and sales, Academia.


All training – for companies and individuals – is personalised.

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