Research shows that learning new things is one of the best ways to live a fulfilled life and to prevent cognitive decline.

  • We provide consultation on all aspects of learning and education.
  • We assess educational needs and aspirations and provide personalised advice, guidance for development, and support.
  • The information age we live in provides infinite opportunities for learning. Our consultants provide research-based advice on how to make the most of these opportunities without getting overwhelmed.

Some of the areas we help our clients with:

  • How to choose a field of study and work?
  • How to use modern technologies to enhance learning and education?
  • How to deal with Chat GPT and other AI services?
  • How to learn more about my own cognition, personality and motivation – so that I can use this knowledge to enhance my development and wellbeing?
  • How to combat procrastination?
  • How to enhance memory?
  • How to allocate and sustain attention?
  • How to maximise our learning and creative potential?
  • How to regulate emotion?
  • How to achieve a state of flow or peak experiences?
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively in speaking and writing?
  • How to improve decision making, unwanted influences and biases?

Personalised Academic Support

We provide academic support and guidance for every aspect of your studies at:

  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Post-graduate
  • Continuous professional development

Book a one-off consultation, bespoke academic support package, or one of our courses.

Choosing a degree?

We will help you to navigate the sea of degree opportunities and make the right choice.

Contact us to discuss the best options for you.