Mobilise ethics – make ethics integral part of every decision and communication.

  • Our ethics experts have chaired research ethics committees and have served on ethics boards and committees. We have led science and ethics agenda – to ethicise organisations; evaluate and advise on specific difficult ethics related cases; develop ethics protocols.
  • We deliver courses on research ethics; academic integrity; and ethical, legal and societal implications of research;
  • We work with organisations for promotion of ethics.

We consult on

  • Research ethics
  • Ethics of workplace communication
  • Corporate ethics
  • Academic integrity
  • Ethical lifestyle
  • Developing effective ethical procedures, and adhering to ethical practices, are among the most serious challenges for humans.
  • Ethics is often seen as fluid; as something not requiring expertise. Unlike law, ethics is often not ‘backed by threats’, and therefore compliance may be low.
  • We help organisations to develop procedures that uphold ethics, including in communication, research, day-to-day procedures, and social justice initiatives.

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