The three powers created by genetic advances: that of prediction, genetic engineering and targeted environmental engineering – present enormous business opportunities across many industries, as well as benefits and risks for individuals.

Businesses: The right expert support means stable and long-term growth, whilst maintaining integrity.


  • We offer private consultations to businesses, as well as to law firms offering (or wishing to offer) genomics legal services.

Individuals: Without support, genetic information can do harm and lead to bad decisions. With the right support genetics can empower and benefit our lives.

  • We help individuals with any questions you may have about genetics, explaining what to expect from a genetic test and how to interpret and use genetic information.


Consumer genetics has entered our lives without warning. We can now send our saliva in the post and receive results of genetic testing.

What can we learn from these tests? Our ancestry? Probability of developing an illness? Our longevity? Is DNA a new oracle?

Your genes are not your destiny. They are incredible sources of information.

Some of the questions we help our clients with:

  • Should I have a DNA test?
  • What do the ancestry results mean?
  • Should I worry about the results I received?
  • Should I act on the genetic information?
  • Should I get information about my child’s DNA make-up?
  • What is the Genomic and Post-genomic Era?
  • What is the difference between genetics, genomics, epigenetics?
  • What does genetics mean for me?
  • What is known about nature and nurture of different human characteristics?

Learn about genetics and how it is relevant to your life

We offer a range of courses, training, talks and workshops on genetics for private clients and organisations, including for:

  • medical professionals
  • lawyers and judiciary
  • educational professionals
  • policymakers
  • diplomats
  • parents

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