Multidisciplinary solutions in legal matters

What we can help with?

We help businesses, law firms and individuals with matters requiring additional (to law-related) technical expertise. Each member of our senior team has expertise in a number of areas, for example in law, human behaviour, psychology, decision-making, genetics, engineering and military – enabling us to provide high quality:

  • Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Prevention services, in any context.
  • Legal Consulting in matters requiring technical inter-disciplinary knowledge.

Our members have also taken part in expert-level work across areas, including with UNCITRAL in International Arbitration in Vienna and New York; as well as teaching a range of subjects, such as International Business Law, Arbitration, and Decision Making.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)


The ‘finality of arbitration decisions’, means that choosing the right arbitrator is the most important step in a dispute. We can particularly help with cases requiring:

  • inter-disciplinary expertise;
  • a good understanding of decision-making processes and influences; and
  • a good appreciation of the importance of ethical practices.


We can help with mediation in any context. With our expertise and experience we can help you to avoid a situation when mediation prolongs the dispute resolution process.

Dispute prevention

Court disputes can be very expensive, unpredictable and stressful. The best way to ‘win in a dispute’ is to prevent it from reaching any formal channels. We can help. We have well-established experience across all elements of dispute prevention, including for example, negotiating and drafting contracts, and teaching contract drafting and negotiations.

Consulting and Training (e.g. for law firms, chambers)

We provide consultation for complex legal matters, such as those involving scientific elements. Our courses and training include: Arbitration, Biases in Decision Making, Ethical Decision Making, Psychology of Decision Making, Negotiations, Communication, Relationships.

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