Develop leadership skills that are applicable every day

  • As humans, we thrive when we have the right balance of autonomy and support
  • Our leadership and management training will help you improve atmosphere in your work place which will have a positive impact on all aspects of work.
  • Our specialists have multidisciplinary expertise in Psychology, Communication, Advocacy, Decision Making and Human Behaviour.

Our Executive skills development programmes include

  • Public speaking
  • The art and science of communication
  • Speech writing
  • Active listening and listening with empathy and understanding
  • Persuasion and building defences against manipulation
  • Confidence
  • Understanding group processes
  • Negotiations
  • Effective decision making
  • Time management
  • Healthy mind
  • Reflection and mindfulness
  • Resilience
  • Life design
  • Creative contribution
  • Relationships

Our training enhances effectiveness of leaders via developing a range of abilities, skills and competencies.

  • Mitigate risks in the selection process via enhancing your interviewing skills
  • Combat biases
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and ethically
  • Improve your presence and impact in meetings
  • Predict societal changes and trends from speeches of people holding positions of power
  • Create positive culture and ethos and human-centred workplace
  • Develop meaningful organisational values, shared sense of purpose and understanding how each individual’s role can contribute to fulfilment of the organisation’s vision
  • Increase employees’ autonomy, responsibility, competence, sense of purpose, relatedness and belonging
  • Build a productive atmosphere and prevent presenteeism (when people are ‘present at work, but not working’) and absenteeism
  • Prevent and resolve conflicts
  • Build opportunities for professional and personal growth, including through providing meaningful, specific and constructive feedback to the workforce
  • Assess and mitigate risk of stress and burnout
  • Enable enjoyable and productive horizontal and vertical communications

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