Our relationships hold key to better well-being, meaningful life, and successful career/organisations

Recent discoveries on the ‘wood-wide web’ suggest that even trees and plants in a forests thrive when they are connected to each other. As social creatures, our personal fulfilment also depends on positive meaningful relationships. Such supportive relationships, whether at work or in personal settings require care, effort, time, and often the optimal environment to nurture budding relationships.

Finding meaningful relationships

Supportive relationships are vital for flourishing; yet many people struggle to form or maintain meaningful relationships.

Although social media makes it possible to have many online friends, loneliness is becoming widespread, with many people increasingly reporting lack of any close or supportive relationships in their life. Fear of being alone can also mean that many people avoid discussions to make their relationships better or are reluctant to leave toxic relationships, which can undermine their sense of confidence and the ability to flourish.

Our busy modern lives and proliferation of remote working have also made it harder to find the time and opportunity to develop meaningful relationships at work or in their personal lives.


How can individuals go about finding meaningful relationships, and how can organizations foster a healthy atmosphere in which work relationships can prosper and people can find good work-life balance?

We can help address any relationship matters

We work with private clients and organisations to address any relationship matters. Throughout history, there has been interest in forming and maintaining good relationships. Much information is out there, but advice are often not based on scientific findings. We will use only verified scientific information to help you with:

  • Creating relationships where individuals can flourish and strive for their ideal self
  • Strengthening friendships, romantic relationships and other close relationships
  • Promoting positive work relationships and atmosphere
  • How to maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • Importance of giving and receiving support
  • Recognizing signs of loneliness and overcoming loneliness
  • Cherishing spending time alone or in company of strangers
  • How to be happy being single
  • Maintaining healthy relationships and preventing relationship breakdown
  • Understanding that some futile or toxic relationships need to end
  • Alleviating stress of relationship breakdown

Courses, Training & Coaching

Techno-Truth provides a range of courses and training, as well as coaching on matters related to relationships.


For example:

Workshop: Communication in Relationships

  • Effective communication lies at the heart of any good relationships, whether in personal life or at work. In this workshop, you will learn about communication tools and skills that can strengthen existing relationships or create meaningful bonds that turn strangers/acquaintances into close relationships or close work allies. You will learn the art of meaningful conversations and successful self-disclosure techniques that also rely on strong listening skills. The workshop will also teach you how to facilitate high quality discussions about inevitable conflicts and issues that arise in relationships in ways to promote better understanding and perspective-taking.

Organizations: Contact us to explore coaching and workshops on fostering a work culture that enables positive work relationships and/or better work-life balance which can ultimately benefit corporations.

Contact us to discuss the best options for you.