Product Evaluation

  • We will evaluate products and services, as well as suggest best ways to market them.
  • We will help you get a realistic and in depth understanding of consumers – using rigorous scientific assessment.
  • We can help address consumer behaviour, consumer experience, consumer preferences, and consumer attitudes towards your product.
  • We help our clients to make data-driven decisions about staff training and support, restructuring, marketing of products, and much more.

Research and Data Analysis

  • Organisations collect a wealth of data which are often under-analysed.
  • We will apply innovative analytic approaches to help you to extract the most from the data you have collected.
  • We will advise you on how to maximise benefits from future data collections.
  • We will help you to collect ‘smart’ data and to analyse it to address specific questions and to maximise benefits from future data collections.
    Our experts will provide training in analysis for different research contexts.
    Our research is transparent: we will explain the tools, the scoring, the analytic approaches and results in a way that will empower you to make decisions about the way the organisation is run.

Fact checking and Information Vetting

  • In the era of abundant information, where misinformation is widespread, it has never been more important to refer to high quality scientific sources for information about our health, wellbeing, development and self-fulfilment.
  • We are research experts and analysts. Our team possesses expert skills for evaluating sources of information, examining reliability of sources and selecting the most valid information.
    We will help you to answer your questions using the most up-to date and most reliable information.

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