In an uncertain and chaotic world filled with misinformation, how can we find out what may be more likely to achieve better psychological and physical wellbeing and wellness?

We offer several short courses that utilize scientific findings on what has been shown to contribute to better wellbeing and wellness. Check out the courses below or inquire about bespoke options!

These courses, are available in the following formats:

group intensive 1-day training; and

1:1 bespoke training

A recent Lancet study (July 2023) suggests that up to half the world’s population may suffer from some type of psychological distress by age 75. Reflecting this trend, the popular media and news sites and social media are over-saturated with articles, stories and advise about wellbeing and physical health. Part of the issue may arise from the expectation that we need to project feeling happy all the time and be expected to showcase all our impressive accomplishments at work and socially – the desire to project ‘perfect lives’ may be contributing to rapid increases in declines in wellbeing.

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